Sunday, January 14, 2007

The mostest and the bestest

Friday night we stayed up on the porch with a friend, sipping wine and speaking in big terms. So today I'm thinking a lot about superlatives. A colleague once described his ex-girlfriend as "the nicest person he'd ever met." And because I'm a competitive megalomaniac, it made me wonder if anyone could ever describe me using a superlative. I put it to Jeffrey during dinner, and he came up with "smallest hands of anyone I've ever met." Also, "most Asian person I've ever dated." For him, "goofiest."

But the truth is that we're not looking for superlatives in our lives, I think. We're like exclusive colleges; we look for a good mix in a person. Plus, I have to think really hard to know the nicest person I've ever met, or even the nicest person I currently actively know. It seems like those superlatives melt away the more you get to know a person. Descriptions become more complicated, necessarily, I think.

In completely unintellectual news, Luis told me Friday that Coke makes your face look bad. Bloated or something. Well, that morning I had gotten into an argument and gone Betty Rubble on a smoked turkey leg and a couple liters of Coke. And Saturday morning I looked in the mirror and you know, he was right! I am a reformed Coke fiend with periodic lapses. But I have to say that I am just vain enough (in face only, apparently; I mean, look at me) to stop drinking Coke for that reason. I know it's bad for me, and I stopped drinking it with any regularity in college because I need neither the sugar nor the caffeine. Plus I saw that episode of Diff'rent Strokes in which everyone quits junk food (except for Arnold!) and they compare it to toilet bowl cleaner. And now it punches you in the face, too? Damn.

OK I gotta go. Forrest Gump is on again!

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