Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yep, I'm back

Tonight was my first night back after 4 weeks away. I felt great. Our A1 designer was sick, so I moved Josh over from Biz and asked Ryan to do Biz. The night was incredibly slow, and Tim and I even hoped for news at the beginning of the day. Well, after he left, it happened. At 11:49 the alert came over: Gerald Ford died. There was at least a moment of shock, let me tell you. And then I spoke it out loud: Gerald Ford has died!!!

We hustled and got the brand new A1 and 3 other inside pages out around 12:30. It was sort of a blur, but I do remember singing, "We are the Champions" just after the A1 black was clicked. It was a wonderful night to be in newspapers.

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eleuve said...

that must have felt great!