Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is spinal tap?

So I just had my lumbar puncture, and I have to say it was not bad. Be not afraid! I won't know the results until next Friday, because their office is closed for the holiday for most of next week.

The whole thing took less than a half-hour. I sort of freaked myself out at first because I saw him fiddling with this device. You can't tell from this picture, but it was about a foot and a half long. But then I remembered that he used that last time to check my reflexes and was not going to jam it into my back. I told the doc that if they offered muscle relaxants, these things would be a lot more popular. He said they were just about as popular as they need to be. We laughed, because what else are you going to do when he's got the big needle? Anyway, I laid on my side, with my back to him, wearing one of those gown things. I took off my pants, but got to keep everything else on, which was a nice surprise. He had me curl up in tight fetal, and pressed around to try to find where the spaces between my vertebrae were. Then he cleaned off my back, and then there was a sting when he put in the lidocaine. But that went away pretty quickly, and then he said the needle was coming. I was like, just like that??? He said, yeah, the lidocaine starts working in about 2 seconds. And he was right, because I just felt a little pressure as he was putting the needle in and throughout the procedure. Then he left the needle in for a while (maybe two actual minutes?) to collect the spinal fluid, which looks just like water. I think I expected something murky, like marrow from a chicken bone or something. Anyway, they took 4 vials, and then the needle was out. He assured me my spinal fluid won't leak out the hole.

My back is a little sore now, and he said I could develop a headache anytime in the next 4 days that could last up to 4 days. But so far I'm feeling pretty good. Actually, I'm feeling pretty good anyway today. I had a nice conversation with Luis last night about being positive. I still have a hard time discerning between positivity and denial, but right now I'm choosing positivity.

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