Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sines, sines, everywhere a sine

So I think I can represent my day as a sine wave with a pretty large amplitude. It starts out in the morning, when I'm feeling pretty good because I'm all rested up. Like today, I was able to walk around pretty normally in the morning, go and get breakfast (All-Bran with chocolate soy milk; it is fiberlicious!), and sit up in a chair for about an hour and a half. That's a lot for me right now. Then I noticed I was propping myself up against the back and side of the chair, so I got back into bed. I was still able to write, answer the phone, and watch a dvd on my laptop (right now I'm watching the second season Office DVDs. Pure gold) for a couple more hours.

Then there is always a crash. I can't talk, I can't get up, I can't pick anything up, I can't open my eyes, and I have to sleep right then. This usually lasts for about an hour or 2.

Then, depending on how long I rested, I have another little spurt of energy. Today, I was able to sit at the piano and play one page of "Gymnopedies" (a shout-out to Denis, who loves Erik Satie, and my god, who wouldn't), heat up my dinner, and then get back to bed, aka my home base. A little more of the DVD, a little more talking on the phone with or e-mailing family and friends, a little more looking at weird things on the internets. A lot of Gatorade and Gatorade-like product-swilling. And then I feel another crash coming. Today, Laura was supposed to come over and hang out, but I knew I was about to crash, so I had to ask her to not come over. That made me very sad.

So you see where I'm going with this. It takes a little longer than 24 hours for me to have 3 full cycles, which means my sleeptime has been shifting ever later. Jeffrey wants me to sleep, but I don't want to waste the time that I'm feeling good.

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