Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My gp says the MRI is not diagnostic, meaning it could be MS, it could be something entirely different, and he can't tell. He said the vessels looked good, meaning I didn't have any bleeding or a stroke or anything. Well, there goes that excuse out the window. Dag.

He said there were some subtle changes in my brain (which I guess means differences from other brains? Since this is the first time he's seen my brain?) and I'd need to see a neurologist to do some more tests to see if we're even going in the right direction. He said they were trying to get me in this week, and that it could involve a spinal tap. Ai Chewbacca. All I can say is that I hope this ends up with me being smarter or getting some kind of X power.

OK, I just talked to the neurologists and they can get me in the soonest on December 27. Literally, I am crying.

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