Monday, December 18, 2006

OK, so

Lyme disease is out. Vonda from my gp's office called to say they'd tested for that and that I was fine. The encephalitis, which I frankly think is a long shot given the symptoms, would need a lumbar puncture to determine. So I'm waiting to see if my neurologist wants one. I don't know if all the rest of my bloodwork is back yet. Dr. Lanoue said it would be a week, and that was last Wednesday. So I'll probably call on Tuesday.

Sam called today to see how I was doing. It was really nice to talk to him. I was trying to let him know that everything is hilarious to me right now, in a way that I think is actually a manifestation of my illness. I mean, you know, it's probably neurological, right? So anyway, this is for Sam. This is from a movie spoiler web site (I love spoilers, I have to say. I don't have the stomach for suspense) and it just made me laugh and laugh. They need a spoiler. For the Nativity Story. Hahahahaha.

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BriGuy said...

I'm pretty sure the shocking twist is that Joseph isn't the father ...