Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not just desserts

Today I was able to go to Bernadette's dessert party, which was really great. My favorite, I'd say, was the chocolate mousse, because of the chocolate cookies sticking up out of it. Super. Also, the pumpkin cheesecake was quite good (Lauren's flavorite) and some kind of a berry nut wrap? Anyway, everything was mega good. When we got there, I felt pretty tired, but I sat and took it easy for about an hour, sitting and talking with people. After that my head started to spin, so I went into another room and laid down on the couch with a teddy bear and a cute Paddington. It was random that I remembered the little Brit bear. Many people came to visit me in the room and chatted, and we stayed for a few hours. I was happy to see everyone.

Now I'm home and resting in bed. My head hurts; I think I overexerted myself today. We still don't have a tree, but we did go and buy some lights and ornaments, so Jeffrey can go and get a tree by himself tomorrow and I can decorate it when he gets home. He's not that enthusiastic about it, but he's going to love it, I know.

Tomorrow I'm going to call my doc with my new symptoms as well as a couple possible diagnoses that I picked up at the party: encephalitis and lyme disease. I'm sure he'll love that!

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