Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lyrics of the day and other trifles

So come on now, come on now, child
You're here just a little while
And you might as well smile, you might as well smile
'Cause tomorrow you just don't know.
It will pass. It will pass in time.

OK, I'm starting to feel a bit like Tom Hanks in Cast Away if, instead of Tom Hanks, the part was played by Crystal Gayle (can you believe she is still touring??). Before I got sick, I'd been trying to get in to get a haircut (from someone who is VERY BUSY, apparently) for a couple weeks. Well, that was about a month ago. And now the hair is about 2 inches past ridiculous. I suspect that when I go back to work, I'll shave my head and spend most of my time on the floor beneath my desk, clicking a flashlight. Clickonclickoff. Clickonclickoff. Clickonclickoff.

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