Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lay, miserable

Kind of a setback day so far. I went to bed early last night because I was really tired from going to get the Christmas tree. Then I woke up to pee and was awake for maybe 30 minutes and then fell into another deep sleep that I couldn't escape for many hours. Do you ever sleep so hard that you feel like you actually integrate with the bed? As if the bed sucked just your shape into it, perfectly? That's how it felt. I was plagued with the kinds of weird dreams you have on NyQuil, which Dustin and I call NyteMare. Most of them involved little kids in danger of being blown up. Horrible, horrible.

What is keeping me down? I'm having a really hard time getting my doc on the phone, and I didn't get to talk to my favorite nurse back there, Vonda. I got someone else instead, and I don't like her. She has a very "what is your problem?" attitude, unlike everyone else's, which is "hi sweetie, how ya doing today?" She's new, though. I will outlast her.

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