Friday, December 29, 2006

In the clear

My neurologist called today and told me that my spinal fluid is clear. So as far as he's concerned, I don't have MS right now. He couldn't say anything about five years down the road, but my tests right now are negative. His guess was that I was probably knocked down by some virus. I really, really hope it's all gone.

I've been thinking about obsession. Does anyone else have that affliction? It's low-grade, but I definitely have it. Whenever I sit down to play the piano, I want to play forever. Like I mean quit my job and play the theme from "Brokeback Mountain" (super simple, just a progression of thirds with a couple fourths thrown in, but so, so beautiful) forever. I realize the market for such a talent is limited, but the feeling is overwhelming. But you know, I haven't even played in 3 days. Also, every time I bowl I believe I can become a professional bowler, even though I barely make it into triple digits and I bowl with any old green ball I can find.

The same thing happens with certain foods, like sweet potatoes. Every year, I go through a phase in which I rediscover the brilliance of sweet potatoes. I buy large amounts of them, smash them, roast them, salt them, marshmallow them, any number of things. But then when I'm done with them, I'm completely done. The last ones always go bad in the pantry.

I don't know why it is that I can't just be normal. I just have those two settings: On and Off. Can anyone give me some advice?

OK I'd better get ready for work. I think big news is happening again as I write this.

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eleuve said...

nadie es normal