Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gone walkabout

OK, it's alternately muggy and sunny out and I'm between walks. I feel great today. I went in to the newsroom yesterday and gave notice that I'm coming back. It's odd how much better I'm feeling than even 3 days ago. I walked down to the post office, and to the Wall and back, and I just feel a little tired. I have so much energy. I started out with a little Queen (it's hard to tell if I'm dynamite with a laser beam or if I make the rocking world go 'round, but for sure, I'll keep on fighting 'til the end) and then somehow ended up with a little Whitney Houston. Ah, the vagaries of my iPod.

I know I'm coming back quickly. I hope it's not too quickly. Already I feel like a conceit on a television show -- I can't believe whatever extreme drama from last week's show got resolved so easily and now we're onto this week's drama already in just one line of dialogue! But I can't change how I feel. And, in this case, I wouldn't want to.

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