Sunday, December 10, 2006

Give me the keys

Oh I don't mean driving. I mean I'm back at the piano this morning, which makes me very, very happy. I can't read music for long stretches, so I'll play one or two pieces by reading, and then I'll play the ones that I have memorized. I hope my neighbors love "The Rose." I'm trying to memorize them with my eyes closed, too, because that feels the best. I'm also doing some Hanon finger exercises to get me back in the swing. I can do those with my eyes closed, too.

This morning has been pretty good; much better than yesterday. Last night I felt like someone was driving an icepick through my temple, but in a way that made me optimistic because then I thought, hey, maybe I'm having bleeding in the brain! Yesterday's highlight was David bringing me over mac and cheese. It is really, really good.

Tomorrow's the big day. My MRI is at 3:45, and I'm not sure when it can be read. My gp said he would probably be able to talk to me about it on Monday, but I wonder if that will really be the case. He also said he will try to talk to the neurologists and try to get me in before February 7. That'd be great.

I leave you with one question: Wrong, or very wrong?

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