Monday, December 25, 2006


Well, Jeffrey's napping in the big red chair, a sure sign of a successful holiday. My mood, like my belly, is full but contemplating. We had a quiet morning for gifts and treasures, and then a lovely, lovely afternoon with friends and food and raucous conversation. Fun for us, terror for the cat. Also something I never could have contemplated a little over a week ago. I got tired once this morning while cooking, but then I sat down and rested my head and then everything was fine again.

On this side of the holiday, I wonder what it is that makes everyone so crazy go nuts. And that includes me. I mean, I'm a strong believer that everyone is crazy anyway, but something about the holiday just turns that up to an 11. For about three or four days, I was in a major, major funk. I think maybe the holidays, like alcohol, amplify our inescapable essence (please don't copy edit this sentence. I know it sucks). For me, that's being critical and quick to judge. And then something about Christmas morning finally arriving lets all the pressure out of the room, and I can just enjoy it.

The sanity issue brings me to my current conversational obsession: warning labels. I think everyone should have them. Then you can find out what their insanities are right up front and then deal with them. Hello, I was overindulged as a child and therefore need attention. or, Hello, I am insecure and very competitive with members of my own sex. Hello, inside I am thinking only about how fat I feel today.

Movies also need to carry warning labels. Last night I watched The Family Stone on HBO, which I thought was some sort of cute Christmas romance with some high-quality Sarah Jessica Parker-hating. Well, let me warn you about this now: THE FAMILY STONE HAS A MOTHER WHO DIES OF AN ILLNESS. Yep. It's the downerest of the downers movie. For the holidays. As if I was already riding a wave of sanity, for God's sake. So I spent a couple hours crying on Christmas Eve, missing my mom. Next up: Terms of Endearment. Maybe I'll top that off with You've Got Mail (another secret mother-death movie) and a touch of Bambi.

Alright, I've waited long enough to have room for another brownie. I hope everyone had as good a day as we did.

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