Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Baby steps

So I'm pretty much back to laying down all the time today. But I did get television back in reasonable spans, I've noticed. Right now I'm watching "Koko: A Talking Gorilla." Koko just stole a nut and is on time out. Sad, really. Parenting is really hard to watch.

My neurologist just called, and said all my bloodwork is fine. He said, again, that my MRI is abnormal, but "not that impressive, no offense." I'm scheduled for a lumbar puncture on Thursday at 11. He said if he finds proteins in my spinal fluid, we might head in an MS direction, because it might be super-early. But I just wonder why I'd feel so bad if it were so early. At any rate, I'm not looking forward to the actual procedure, but I am really glad to be having it, because I want all the tests that can be done to be done. What else is there?

PS: Here's a tip for anyone who is ever in the position of having to get in to see a super-specialist doctor-person. Always try to get on the cancellation list. At first, they set me up for an appointment in January. I asked to be on the list, and they called me back with a cancellation on Thursday. Sweet!

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