Saturday, December 16, 2006

And now that I've gotten me started,

let me just say that I hate that Northwest Airlines changed its logo. It was my favorite logo, and I talked about it in the design classes I taught. Here's the oldie, and still quite a goodie:

It works on so many levels. There's the N that's leaning forward, about to take off. And then there's the triangle that combines with the N to form a gestalt W. And finally, the triangle combines with the circle to create a compass, pointing (you guessed it) northwest. So smart. I love it. So I'll never know why they changed it to this:

OK, first of all, when I think of nwa, I think of something else. And I'm almost positive that these guys (wait, Doris Kearns Goodwin is on the board of Northwest? Who knew?) aren't straight out of Compton. Secondly, the logo completely loses all of the typographical brilliance of the first one. The compass remains, but the triangle isn't incorporated with the type at all.

OK, that's all for now. My headache and left elbow pain is still here, but I got a nice visit from Luis earlier that got me out of bed for a while. We also tried to buy a tree, but they were all sort of Dickensian, so we passed. The elbow thing is weird because it shows up out of nowhere, so I never know when my entire left arm will just give out. It makes things pretty unpredictable, but not in that butterflies-in-the-stomach way.

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eleuve said...

they changed it a while ago, maybe two years. the old is clear but i like the new, although is far from perfect, is more modern. it´s true that i don´t associate nwa to the airline.