Friday, December 08, 2006

... and I think to myself ...

Today has been wonderful.


My doctor's appointment was fine. We discussed what Dr. Kerner said, and he said that we still don't know if it's MS, so we'll just wait on the MRI on Monday. He also reiterated the possibility that it's some kind of virus or some kind of bleeding in the brain. I asked if there would be anything we could do to treat my symptoms now, and he said that not knowing what's causing them would really make any attempts ineffective and possibly dangerous. He compared it to shooting into a forest and hoping to hit something. So I'm happy to just hang out and wait. He seemed pretty positive during the entire visit except for one point, to which I'm not sure how we got. I had mentioned that I was feeling better today (and the women who work there, who have seen me 4 times in a week, mentioned it, too!) and that yesterday I only crashed once instead of twice. And then he said that sometimes these things seem to get better and plateau, but if there's a deterioration after that, he'd probably send me back to the hospital and they would treat it acutely there. So OK. Also, I don't think the Gatorade and Gatorade-like products have been helping, because my blood pressure dropped another 20 points when I sat up from laying down. He looked up orthostatic hypotension on the Web, and it looked like it wasn't connected to MS. So that might mean something. I'll talk to him again after my MRI.

Diana was waiting for me after the appointment, and she brought me many goodies of the food/entertainment/comfort variety. That made me feel really, really good. Before I went to my appointment, Julie came over and we chatted and I played the piano, which I really have not been able to play since I became sick, because I can't sit up and concentrate for that long, and because my eyes wig out when I look at the music. It was so great to see her again. So I came home to her, and then Jim came over and they got lunch and we all ate together. It was so much fun. Everything is hilarious to me right now, and they were joking about how I could milk this at work -- "Um, actually I think the page on the left is better -- and I have brain-stem bleeding." Eventually it just became BSB -- "Uh yah, I really need this vacation time (BSB)." We laughed so loud. It felt good.

I was really surprised at how long I lasted today. Jim and I played the piano, and then Julie sang along (there's video, and I've heard of this e-service called u-toobs or something?). Jim plays really fast. It's funny; even though I can play the songs he played, I was just amazed when I saw his fingers move without him looking at the keys. It's really kind of unnerving. I'm not entirely sure why. Anyway, I started to get tired, and so I sacked out on the loveseat in the back and Julie knitted while Jim played. It felt like maybe we were in Little Women or something?

After they left, I pretty much went back to Bed Central and slept for a couple hours. But now I think of my day and I laugh, and I laugh, and I laugh.

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