Friday, July 28, 2006

On the road again

So we're doing some traveling this summer, but I don't want to lag on the practicing. So I've been looking into getting a little keyboard that I can take in the car for 4-7 day roadtrips and such.

And you're thinking, you only just started playing piano because a friend of yours sold you one for cheap. Yes, well, welcome to a little neighborhood called obsession. It's sometimes fleeting, often expensive, and always intense.

So anyway. There are a lot of choices out there. This weekend I visited my friend Julie, who plays the violin, and we went to a couple music stores to scout them out. She wants to get an even smaller keyboard so she can just plunk out chords and understand some more complex theory than she's getting right now.

The thing is I just want a little portable piano. I don't want it to do scat, or sound like a French horn, or heat up my coffee, which I don't even drink. But the sales staff at the store was trying to sell us both on some very complicated machines. It made me love my little upright piano all the more. I felt strangely Luddite.

One thing I'm looking for is weighted keys. Does anyone have any idea how I can find a cheap keyboard with weighted keys? I'm guessing no. But I'm on the lookout.

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